10 Ways To Beautify Your Home With Concrete Driveways

Concrete Driveways

It is said that the first impression is the last, and that’s why people pay so much importance to the exterior of their homes and offices. If you thought your driveways are mere, the way to your garage, then you probably are mistaken.

Driveways have become a style statement, the reflection of your aesthetic brilliance and that’s why innovations and inventions have been giving a new face-lift to driveways, year after year.

But one such thing that will always remain the favorite is the Concrete driveway. Although, with time and technology the new concrete driveway has changed drastically. Concrete Driveways have evolved.

There were times when concrete was considered prominent due to its durability, quality, endurance, and versatility. Now it is even considered finest due to its appearance and inspiration translating into a style statement.

To provide your home and office an artistic appeal, concrete can be put into various styles and could be designed in multitudes. How Concrete can provide your driveway a brand new Avatar let us discuss it.

Different Styles Of Concrete Driveways

  • Concrete With Pattern Stamping:

This has become a very exotic way to provide a new design to your driveways.

  • Concrete Engraving:

It is done by first pouring the plain concrete mixture then staining and engraving it, to provide the brick-work look, as concrete engraving can provide your driveway a brand new look of brickwork.

  • Color Concrete:

Once the plain concrete is laid, colors are either mixed with the concrete mix or dusted over it.

  • Exposed Aggregate Finish:

Colorful pebbles are planted at the time of plain concrete finishing; after the top layer of cement paste is washed the pebbles become exposed, providing a colorful pebbled concrete driveway.

The colorful concrete with the home veneer or can contrast it also, as one can match the pebbles.

Other than the Pattern stamping, you have the option of Texture Concrete Finish.

  • Float and Trowel Finish:

It looks elegant, with patterns made on Concrete with the help of wood, aluminum or steel floats.

  • Broom Finishes:

The broom finish is best suited if you want to provide a non-slip texture to your driveway.

  • Rock Salt Finish:

Later washed thus providing small holes on the driveways, a course surface just apt for your driveway, the hard pieces of rock salt are engraved with concrete.

Concrete Driveways in distinct styles have become the order of the day, which are durable, to provide your home a new look, and thus, in the long run, it costs less.

  • Stain Your Driveway:

Staining your concrete driveway Sydney is by far the cheapest option but its only advisable if the concrete is in good condition. There are two main ways to stain concrete; acid staining and water/solvent-based staining.

Each has different benefits but either way will be the cheapest way to improve your driveway and get back far more money than you spent when it comes time to sell your home.

Acid staining reacts with the minerals in your driveway to produce permanent colors that don’t fade or peel. Water and solvent-based stains are cheaper and take less time to install.

As they are absorbed into the concrete, however, while they give you more color options they are transparent and will fade over time.

  • Get An Overlay:

The latest polymer-modified overlays allow you to completely resurface your existing driveway without having to replace it.

Overlays cover-up worn and cracked concrete but most firms will repair minor damage before applying the overlay.

The most expensive epoxy overlay solutions can look like marble or quartz for a fraction of the price which is highly durable and long-lasting.

Overlays are commonly available in a variety of textures and colors such as flagstones, fans, bricks, and stones; if you wanted paving or brick you can still get the effect for a fraction of the price and realize a higher return on your investment.

  • Liquid Limestone:

This is a great alternative to paving because it gives you a myriad of texture and pattern options at a fraction of the cost. Remembering that the goal here is to spend the least and add the most value, you can achieve this goal while creating spectacular living spaces using limestone.

Besides driveways it’s also great for pool surrounds, pathways & alfresco areas due to its non-slip surface so if you try it and love it, you may want to use it in other areas of your garden to create a theme.

Liquid limestone is far more striking than regular brick paving, it’s all-natural and most importantly the finish can be tailored to match the style of your home, so it boosts your home’s value.

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