5 Wedding Gifts for the Couple Moving into a New House

5 Wedding Gifts for the Couple Moving into a New House

A wedding is going to be one of the most special moments in a couple’s life. While the day is for making memories and having fun, getting the right wedding gifts for them is equally important. When the couple is moving to a new home, it becomes extra special as it truly commemorates their new journey together.

So, here are 5 wedding gifts to give a couple moving into a new home!

#1. The Kitchen Essentials

Kitchen is the first place that the couple will look at setting up first. A working kitchen is crucial. So, you can get them cookware, accessories and even appliances! A Kitchen Aid stand mixer is every baker’s dream. A good blender and bone china is a must. In addition, you can spring for something fancy like a soda maker, an egg boiler and even a cooker/steamer!

#2. Gift Cards

When a couple is moving into a new home, gift cards go a long way in helping them set up a new home. Gift cards from brands like Amazon, Croma, Home centre, Pepperfry, Urban Ladder etc. as wedding gifts will be useful for the couple.

#3. Soft Furnishings

This is a bit unusual. Until and unless the couples create a gift registry and add soft furnishings to them, many guests neglect this. But they are one of the key essentials of a home. If you know what the couple likes and know their taste, get them duvets, rugs, curtains etc.

#4. Decor

Decor items have been given as wedding gifts for a long time. But rarely do people get it right. When you gift a decor item, be tasteful. Instead of sticking to the normal clocks and Ganesha idols, gift them sterling silver photo frames, a painting, clone dolls etc.

#5. Cash

If you don’t know the couple well and think they’ve already set up their home, Cash is definitely the way to go. You may be taking a chance with the other wedding gifts, but you can never go wrong with cash. The couple can do whatever they want with it and the best part is that it has no expiry!

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