Essential power tools for home use

Essential power tools for home use

Every home requires a set of tools to help with any work needed around the house. Whether they are hand tools or power tools, every home should think about having what we like to call an EHIT, which stands for Essential Home Improvement Tools. 

We’ll be chatting about some of these tools to help you get an idea of why they are important to have in your home. 

Some house work requires either some tweaking or fixing that you could do without you having the need to call in for help from any helping hand. You should always rely on yourself to do your own work around your home because what better way to learn that it’s easy than trying it out yourself. 

We’ll be sure to carefully choose some of these products that are simple and easy to use so you wouldn’t get overwhelmed or worried that you might end up making the problem worse than it was to begin with. The products we’ll be introducing in this blog are 3 tools we think fall into the EHIT category. We’ll mention the products details, the brand itself and of course the uses of each one. 

The first product we’re going with is very simple and handy, it could be used for all sorts of different work around the house. It’s a screwdriver set from the well known world wide brand Black+Decker. It isn’t your ordinary screwdriver set, it’s an electric screwdriver that will help make your job a whole lot easier without the need to tire your wrists with all that twisting to get your screws in place. Yes, it’s an easy job to do but it takes so much time and effort, so why not make it easier on yourself with such a tool. 

The set comes with 27 different accessories, a charger that would charge the screwdriver for hours so you wouldn’t be annoyed with any wires while working and also features an LED light to help in providing you with light in tight and dark spaces. Take it from us, this product is worth the purchase and it’s not even that pricey so you shouldn’t hesitate about buying it or not. 

The second product is another power tool we think is important to have because we think it fits perfectly with the screwdriver set. It is your good old handy 12V cordless impact drill from the one and only brand Bosch. A drill is a must have item in any home even if you don’t use it regularly it’s still a must and we’ve chosen one that is so practical in terms of use and size. When you think of a drill you might think of a huge, noisy and hard to use tool, but that’s not the case because there are so many models and shapes out there that range from easy to use to professional use. So the one we’ve picked out for you is from the easy to use range and it’s even the perfect size for a beginner so you wouldn’t have to worry about that. Drills are considered an EHIT item because all homes have walls, all walls need some sort of installations for either shelves, frames or basically anything that needs assembling like TV units, tables, book shelves and stuff. You get the point of the drill, you need it to drill holes and put together your furniture. It works great with the screwdriver set they’re a perfect match. 

The last product we have in mind is a product called the Zamo laser meter, and I think by the name of it you have already figured out that it’s a laser that works as a meter. Yes, that’s exactly what it is, but you’re thinking why do I need a laser meter if I have my good old fashioned measuring tape? First of all you need to join this century and update your products because clearly you’re missing out on having a way more simpler way to deal with your house chores. I’ll give you a simple scenario, if you’re home alone and need to measure a room or wall or whatever around your home, why look for ways to measure it all by yourself and finding a way to get the measuring tape to hold while you pull on the other end? Exactly, having something digital will help you out in that scenario and not just that it’s just a tool that is honestly amazing. The Zamo meter has a couple of different features that you will enjoy while using. The first feature being it’s a digital meter, it’s very handy and adaptable and also has 3 useful measuring attachments for different measuring techniques like being able to measure around 20 meters, measures freestanding objects and irregular surfaces. 

All these three products are practical and fall into the EHIT category, they are a must have in your tool box. Of course all these products you can find and purchase online at HomeWagon with all necessary information and details about the products. You can check all their products in the tools section and get an idea of what else you may need to make an EHIT collection of your own. 

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