How To Prepare Your House For Winter?

How To Prepare Your House For Winter?

Our sweet home is the place that comforts us with its cosy ambience, no matter what season it is. In return, we need to take extra care of the abode to keep it doing that way. With winter approaching, it is time for you to do the checks and fixes it needs so that you can have a warm and enjoyable season.

If taken lightly, winter can do a lot of harm to a house and the well-being of its dwellers. On top of that, the utility bills and repair expenses will exacerbate by wind chills, frost, and freezing rain. Here is the complete checklist to prepare your house ahead of winter:-

  • Sealing doors

Even the slightest gaps in the doors can allow the freezing air to pass through and warm air to escape through them. To close the narrow gaps inside door panels, quickly add rope caulk and ensure that the silicon rubber weatherstripping is in place around the doors. You ought to consider substituting storm doors for screen doors.

  • Insulating windows

Air leaks in windows can cause you to shiver and hence should be fixed immediately. Use exterior-grade caulk around the window frame to prevent winter rain damage and energy loss. Inspect window frames and outside mouldings for signs of wooden decay and check its locking mechanism. Hire a glazier West London city offers to apply plastic shrinking films to insulate the window. Consider replacing screen windows with storm windows.

  • Checking drainage

Check the foundation and, if necessary, put some extra soil around it or add downspout extenders to stop water from flowing in.

  • Cleaning gutters

To avoid the risk of damage to the foundation, basement, and concrete porches, empty the leaves or debris and mend the drain pipes from the clogged rain gutters.

  • Inspecting roof

Examine the roof for damaged or missing shingles and flashing around chimneys as they could be the source of snow leaks. Have them replaced or repaired instead before the winter arrives.

  • Repairing HVAC systems

Heating and air conditioning systems provide the most comfort during winters. Take this time to repair HVAC to keep warm air circulating, remove window ACs, drain the water heater, and reverse ceiling fans.

  • Preparing fireplace

Inspect the wood-burning fireplace and seek the services of a chimney sweep to get it cleaned from obstructions, creosote, and soot.

Winterising a home is not an uphill task but requires several things to be taken into consideration. However, you can begin by inspecting HVAC, opting for a glazier West London offers, repairing mechanical equipment, and mending structural systems. The best way to keep the chilly winds and cold nights at the bay is to start winterising your home before the fall season ends.

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