Knowing key details about black garden ants

Knowing key details about black garden ants

While ants, spiders, and other insects play a dominant role in the ecosystem, it can be a little frightening to see these pests inside the house. One of the most common species of ants you can find today is the black garden ant, also known by its scientific name – Lasius Niger. If you want to know whether you have an “ant situation” at home, you can click for more information. Here’s what you need to know about black garden ants. 

Habitat and food

There are two main species of black garden ants when it comes to habitats. The first one lives in the forested areas, and the other one lives in open areas, such as gardens. Nest sites can be typically found underneath hidden areas, like under rocks. This type of ant is a part of the Fornicinae family and has larger reservoirs for venom. The venom, which is formic acid, is delivered by ejection, not by a bite or sting. The venom of black garden ants is not a threat to humans, but one may feel some pain if formic acid is ejected into a cut wound. As for the food, black garden ants survive on the honeydew that these insects “milk” from aphids. Many younger ants will care for the aphids for the sweet secretion. 

Should you worry about black garden ants?

It depends. If a colony of black garden ants grows in size, the working ants, which are the sterile females, will forage far for food sources. These ants often cluster around food sources, especially sweet foods, and leave behind a trail of pheromones, which help other ants find the source of food. These ants are often hard to get rid of, primarily because ants practice social distancing. If a few ants come close to insecticides, they will quarantine themselves. 

The need for pest control

 If you have found ants at home, consider cleaning the floors with a good disinfected. If there’s a nesting site, consider pouring hot water, but do not use an insecticide immediately. Insecticides pose additional risks, especially if you have pets around. Also, remember that pest control companies are experienced and have all the necessary tools and resources to get the work done. They can take steps to find nest sites of black garden ants and can mitigate the risks by using eco-friendly pest control products. 

You don’t have to share your home with black garden ants anymore.

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