Protecting Against Lead in Water

Protecting Against Lead in Water

Despite being a naturally occurring element, lead is very harmful when it comes to humans. And, unlike a lot of other substances, there is no level of lead that is appropriate for human exposure. Whether it be exposed through lead-based paints, soil, air pollutants, or drinking water, high-levels of lead consumption can cause serious health issues within humans by entering the bloodstream. This is especially so for young children.

Lead in Drinking Water

The standard for lead within drinking water set out by the Safe Drinking Water Act is zero, because even the smallest traces of lead within your drinking water can end up being harmful because it builds up overtime. Some of the health issues that have been tied to lead in drinking water are brain disorders and kidney damage, however there are other adverse effects, as well. Lead in drinking water is especially dangerous for pregnant women and infants/small children.

How Does Lead Get into my Water?

Lead can be found all throughout our environment, whether it is in the air, soil or our water. However, lead mostly gets into our drinking water thanks to contamination from humanity and its actions such as seeping from factories, fossil fuel burning, paints, and others. Lead can also seep into your drinking water due to the corrosion of older water pipes.

Protecting Yourself From Lead in Water

One of the first things to do if you suspect that your drinking water at home may have lead contamination is to get it examined by a professional. Certified lab technicians can accurately analyze your water for the best results. However, there are also at-home testing kits that you can purchase to test the water yourself.

If you find that your water has some lead in it, you are able to fix the issue by installing water filter systems in your home, whether it is a reverse osmosis system, active carbon, or any other filtration system, your problem will be solved quickly.

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