What You Can Do If You Notice A Leaky Window?

What You Can Do If You Notice A Leaky Window?

A leaky window is a major trouble until you do something about it. A leaky window allows cold breeze coming inside your home, it literally tortures you when it’s a hot summer day. Also there is another threat of having a leaky window in your home. It could damage the other portion of your property gradually. This is why doing something about your leaky window is important. No matter how minor the leak is, letting it remain in the same condition calls for more trouble. So here we are listing some way outs that you should consider even if you can notice a small leak in your window:-

Check whether something is stuck or not- The beginning step should be checking out whether there is even a single small object stuck between the window frames. This could be a possible reason for such a leaky window. Sometimes in such situations people panic so excessively that they forget to check the basics. Don’t commit this silly mistake. Stay calm, be wise. Check deliberately whether something is stuck or not. This should be your initial task.

Clean the window frame- It’s the very basic step. You should clean your window frame everyday even if it’s working fine. Sometimes damaged particles of caulking get stuck in your window frame and make it leaky. Remove such damaged trash. Set your window frame free so that you could close the window properly.

Re-seal the glasses- Sometimes the seal of a window gets loose. In such cases the only way is resealing the window glasses. Check-out the seal of your window carefully. Are you feeling the seal is intact? If you don’t the problem is the seal of your window. Also don’t forget to clean the caulk before you start re-sealing the glasses.

Call emergency glazier service- There could be some serious leakages that you won’t be able to fix by yourself. In such cases trying to fix it by yourself will make your window’s condition worse. So in such cases it’s better to call a professional service of double glazing repairs. Such professional services are highly efficient. They could detect even minor leaks that you won’t be able to find out. No matter if you have single glazed windows or double glazed windows, they have solutions for everything. They carry highly advanced equipment to seal the leakage instantly. So in such special cases it’s better not to touch the window parts. Wait for the repairing team to come and fix.

Hope now you get enough ideas to fix your leaky window. Also don’t forget to research a bit before appointing any team of glaziers. Make sure they are professional and experienced enough to handle such work.

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