Why Your Toilet Keeps on Clogging

Why Your Toilet Keeps on Clogging

Frequent clogs in your toilet are signs of a bigger plumbing problem. There are plenty of reasons why such issues have been frequenting your home. Unless you identify these reasons, it will be hard to resolve these problems effectively.

Among the common causes of clogs in your toilets are the things that you throw down the drain. If you or your household continues to throw things down the drain, things that shouldn’t be there, your plumbing issue is caused by a lack of discipline and not some major plumbing problem.

However, if you believe that you have been diligently avoiding throwing objects down your toilet drain, you might want to have your toilet checked by your trusted Sydney plumber.

5 Most Common Reasons Why Toilets Clog

You Have an Older, Low-Flow Toilet System

Most of the older toilet systems are not designed to save water. They lack the pressure that is present in modern toilets that allows them to clean the internal trap and drain easily – thus developing clogs more often than usual. If you happen to have a toilet that is made from the early 1900s, your toilet most likely belongs to the low-flow types. You can have it replaced for better water consumption savings.

Throwing Objects Down the Toilet

Toilets are limited to disposing of human waste and water. Tissue papers are one of the most common causes of clogs in your toilet. They are not designed to dissolve quickly in water, thus creating the possibility of clogs when flushed to the toilet drain. Cotton balls, wipes, dental floss, and sanitary napkins are also objects that should ever be thrown into your toilets. It would be better to keep a trash can handy in your bathroom to easily dispose of these items.

Blocked Toilet Traps

The trap in your toilet is the curved area that is located at the lower portion of the toilet. It is an area where water can be held to settle and keeps sewer gases from coming out your toilet. If toilet paper and other foreign materials are trapped in this area, your toilet will most likely create a back-up. You can use a plunger or a toilet auger to remove these blocks. If these DIY options fail, you can opt to have a professional plumber do the job for you.

Blocked Plumbing Vents

Roof vents are essential to allow fresh air to circulate inside your plumbing system. They also help prevent air-pressure vacuums that may cause drain flow to slow down. This area can accumulate leaves, animal nests, dust, dirt, and other foreign materials that can reduce its capacity to function efficiently. If roof vents are blocked, clogs become more frequent in your toilets. A professional plumber in Sydney is your best bet in removing the blockage in this plumbing feature. It will require special tools to locate and remove these blocks.

Issues in the Main Sewer Line

If you have regular clogs in your toilet, despite your efforts in avoiding throwing any foreign object down your toilet bowl, you might have a main sewer issue causing these clogs. When a buildup of waste and other foreign material has already settled in your sewer lines, they can cause other areas in your plumbing system to function less efficiently and to clog. A sewer issue can cause health problems in the long run. A Sydney plumber can easily resolve sewer-related issues causing clogs in your toilets and other areas in your home.

Identify which of these five common issues might be causing your toilets to clog to be able to effectively address and solve your plumbing issue. A visit from your trusted professional local plumber can also help you pinpoint these issues and have them fixed in no time.

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