7 Facts Worth Knowing About Bed Bugs

7 facts worth knowing about bed bugs

Finding nasty bed bugs at home can be a disgusting experience. These small wingless insects are infamous for sucking on human blood, and people often wrongly assume that bed bugs and termites are the same. The latter feeds on wood and causes damage to furniture and wooden structures. If you want to learn more about bed bugs, a professional pest control company would be your best bet. Below are seven facts that are worth knowing. 

  1. You can only find bed bugs on the bed. Because of the name, people believe that bed bugs can be found in and around the bed. That’s not entirely true. These pests are found on luggage bags, clothing, airplanes, trains, and even buses. As long as hosts are available, these insects will find a convenient hiding spot. 
  2. Finding bed bugs has nothing to do with cleanliness. As we mentioned, bed bugs feed on blood, and therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you keep the house clean. You can consider getting rid of clutter, as you can reduce the hiding spots. It wouldn’t get rid of the infestation, though.
  3. Bed bugs don’t carry diseases. Contrary to what many of us believe, bed bugs are not known to carry pathogens of other diseases. Since these insects work hard at night, you may miss out on sleep, which can add to your stress the next day. 
  4. Using chemicals and alcohol is not safe. That’s another myth. Yes, alcohol may help kill a few bed bugs, but you cannot get rid of the situation. Chemicals and pesticides, on the other hand, pose additional risks, especially if you have dogs or other animals at home. 
  5. Pest control for bed bugs is not expensive. Compared to the work involved in getting rid of pests, bed bugs are usually easy to deal with. While multiple treatments are usually required, the cost of extermination is not that high. You can contact a local pest control company to get an estimate. 
  6. Bed bugs can fly. While these insects can scurry around, bed bugs cannot fly. If you have seen these pests move fast, it’s not because of their flying skills.
  7. Heat treatments can help. There are various methods that pest control companies use to get rid of bed bugs, and that may include heat treatments. Select chemicals, fumigation, and even cryogenic freezing may also help.

Contact a pest control service today for more. 

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