The Ultimate Moving Guide – Tips and Tricks From Professional Movers

The Ultimate Moving Guide - Tips and Tricks From Professional Movers

Moving can take a toll on your nerves if you do not use appropriate strategies to make your move stress-free and more organized. Whether moving locally or long-distance, a movers guide can help you move confidently. Here is the ultimate guide from professional movers to help you pull a stress-free move and have a memorable moving experience.

  • Create a Moving Calendar

Moving requires planning and staying organized. A moving calendar is a tool that will help keep you on schedule by displaying tasks you must execute within certain time limits. Whether it’s a daily or a week-by-week moving calendar, it will help you take care of your moving plans efficiently while monitoring your progress. With a moving calendar, it becomes easier to organize your move, meet timelines, and know when you’re behind schedule so that you can seek help.

  • Hire Movers or Request a Free Quote

Hiring a professional mover like Herlihy Moving and Storage Company gives you the ultimate access to the skills and knowledge of experienced specialists. They will help you move like a pro and address any complex issues, whether moving delicate items like a piano or heavy belongings. Movers will help you with the appropriate moving containers to ensure your belongings are safe and secure or even provide storage for items that require a climate-controlled environment.

However, before hiring one, it’s vital to identify a mover that meets your needs at the most affordable rate. You can request free customized quotes from various movers while noting the quality of their services. You mustn’t skimp on quality of service due to a quotation value; balancing the two will help you get the most value for your money.

  • Pack Room by Room and Label Adequately

Packing is an essential part of your moving process. It will take most of your time and energy to complete. Hence, ensuring you have the plan to help you pack efficiently and orderly is crucial. Packing room by room and clearly labelling each box’s contents will help you remain organized while making it easier to identify and track your items throughout the process. That way, it’s easy to know what you have packed and what is remaining.

  • Take Inventory of Your Goods

For you to have a peace of mind and be able to track your progress, you must remain organized throughout the process. One way to achieve that is to take an inventory of your belongings in a structured record. You can categorize your list based on room, type of item, or usage. You can also include the status of sensitive and delicate items, quantities, and value of your valuable items.

That can help you to keep track of your items and keep tabs on your progress towards completing packing your stuff. It can also serve as proof in case of damages or help you make a claim you lose items during transit. That way, you can also account for every belonging when unpacking.

  • Sort and Purge Your Items Before Packing

It’s crucial to note that you may have a substantial number of items in your place that you do not need or have not used for the past year. Packing such things will only take up space in your moving trucks, which means you’re paying for something you do not need or will never use.

Thus, decluttering will help create more space and reduce the cost and the burden of moving. Even better, eliminating items you do not need will make your new home to look organized and neat. You can organize a yard sale to make money from unwanted items,  donate, or throw them away.


Moving may often feel like a daunting task. But with some tips and professional help, you’ll be ready to tackle even a vast move. These tips and tricks will ensure you’re getting the best moving experience possible – no matter where you live or the size of your belongings. A professional mover will help make your transition as easy as possible while taking care of the safety of your items.

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